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Bespoke Freestanding Furniture

Bespoke furniture adds an extra flair to your home, creating a unique, stylish, and homely feel to any room.
If you’ve ever dreamed of having completely bespoke furniture in your home or know someone who would love bespoke furniture as a gift, why not give Kelly’s Fitted Furniture a call?
Our team of expert professionals at Kelly’s Fitted Furniture are highly skilled and qualified tradesmen who specialise in making bespoke freestanding furniture to suit all homes.
We can create wooden bespoke furniture to your exact specifications and requirements, all handcrafted in our small Offaly-based workshop.
When purchasing bespoke freestanding furniture from us, you are guaranteed to receive a totally unique, bespoke, durable, and high-quality piece that will remain timeless through decades. We work in a range of different styles and can spray all furniture pieces in colours to suit your home.
Whether you’re thinking of treating yourself or creating the perfect gift for a friend, why not get in touch now?


Call now for more information about our bespoke freestanding furniture

Our Bespoke Freestanding Furniture Includes:

Our Bespoke Freestanding Furniture Includes:

Chests of Drawers
Vanity Tables
Coffee Tables
Bathroom Units
Storage Units
Shelving Units
And More

Get in touch to speak to an expert about our range of bespoke freestanding furniture options

Bespoke Freestanding Furniture FAQ

How much does bespoke freestanding furniture cost?

The price of bespoke freestanding furniture varies depending on what item of furniture you need. Call Kelly’s Fitted Furniture now for more information on our pricing.

What are the benefits of bespoke freestanding furniture?

Bespoke freestanding furniture can be totally customised to suit your space, is completely unique, and is also high quality, meaning that it will last longer than standard, shop-bought furniture.

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