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Commercial Fitted Furniture

Investing in a comfortable, functional, and durable office space is a must, as it heightens the happiness and productivity of your workforce, leading to a better company environment overall.
The team at Kelly’s Fitted Furniture is skilled and experienced at providing custom-made commercial fitted furniture fit-outs for offices and other workplaces across Ireland.
We have worked with several high-profile companies in the past to provide superior service in terms of office fitted furniture, working with our clients to collaborate in terms of aesthetics, space, functionality, and price.
We hand-craft all of our commercial fitted furniture, ensuring that your workspace is fully customised, individual, long-lasting, durable, and cost-effective.
Our master craftsmen can create canteens, offices, storage spaces, desk spaces, chill-out areas, and more to suit your workplace and create a happier, more aesthetically pleasing environment for you and your employees.


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We Create Fitted Furniture for All Workplaces, Including:

We Create Fitted Furniture for All Workplaces, Including:

Canteen Fitted Furniture
Office Fitted Furniture
Fitted Storage Solutions
Fitted Furniture for Chill Out Areas
Fitted Furniture for Home Offices
Fitted Desk Spaces
Fitted Seating for Offices
Boardroom Fitted Furniture
Reception Fitted Furniture

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Commercial Fitted Furniture FAQ

Is fitted furniture a good option for offices?

Yes. Fitted furniture is a good option for offices as it can optimise space, is created to be totally bespoke, and is long-lasting.

What price is commercial fitted furniture?

The price of commercial fitted furniture varies depending on the scale of the project. Contact the team at Kelly’s Fitted Furniture for a quote on our fitted furniture for commercial spaces.

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