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Bespoke Under-Stair Storage

If your home has angular space underneath the stairs, you will know how difficult it can be to buy storage solutions in a standard furniture store.
The team at Kelly’s Fitted Furniture offers excellent storage solutions for awkwardly-shaped spaces, providing a range of angular and under-stair storage space solutions to suit homes of all shapes and sizes.
Our team of expert workmen can hand-craft shelving, wardrobes, or fitted furniture to suit all of the small nooks and crannies in your home or under your stairs to ensure that you are optimising all storage space to its best ability.
We know how important style is when it comes to storage, which is why we collaborate closely with all of our customers to ensure that your new fitted storage space fits into your home seamlessly in terms of style and taste. We can hand-craft your storage in any shape, design, colour or style to suit you.


Do you need advice on how to optimise the storage space of all the nooks and crannies in your home with bespoke under-stair storage? If so, call now

Our Bespoke Angular Fitted Furniture is Suitable For:

Under-Stair Storage
Angular Rooms
Awkwardly Shaped Rooms
Unconventionally Sized Rooms
Small Rooms
Dormer Houses
Small Spaces

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Bespoke Under-Stair Storage FAQ

Can I install furniture under my stairs?

Yes. Kelly’s Fitted Furniture can install bespoke couches, tables, desks, and more in irregular, angular spaces underneath your staircase.

How can I use the space under my stairs for storage?

The team at Kelly’s Fitted Furniture can create bespoke storage shelves and rooms under your stairs to optimise the storage space of this area.

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