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Fitted Furniture

With the popularity of cheap furniture shops and cash & carry warehouses, many homes in Ireland are becoming clones of one another. The team at Kelly’s Fitted Furniture aims to bring the individuality back into Irish homes, which is why we offer totally bespoke, hand-crafted fitted furniture for kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms and more.
From beds and built-in wardrobes to countertops and sink units, our team of master craftsmen can curate fitted furniture to suit the exact style and taste of your home.
We are fully flexible when it comes to the creation and installation of fitted furniture, collaborating closely with all of our customers to make your dream become a reality.
Whether you’re looking for some small changes or a total re-design of your home, why not get in touch now?


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We Create Fitted Furniture For


From fantastic fitted wardrobes to beautiful fitted bed units, Kelly’s Fitted Furniture creates beautiful fitted furniture solutions for bedrooms of all sizes, totally bespoke and customised to suit your creative vision.


Whether your bathroom is a modern oasis or a traditional trove, we will build custom fitted furniture to suit it, including baths, sink units, shower units and more.

Living Rooms

Your living room is supposed to be a place to relax, entertain, and chat in, so it’s important that you love its interiors. Kelly’s Fitted Furniture creates a range of living room fitted furniture to suit all tastes and styles.


We offer a range of full kitchen fitted furniture fit-outs as well as partial kitchen fitted furniture services, specialising in traditional, modern, and German-style kitchens to keep the heart of your home functional as well as beautiful.

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Fitted Furniture FAQ

Can I get fitted furniture installed in rooms other than a kitchen?

Yes absolutely. The team at Kelly’s Fitted Furniture offers a bespoke, hand-crafted fitted furniture service to suit all rooms in the house including living room, bathroom, and bedroom fitted furniture.

How long does it take to install fitted furniture?

The length of time it takes to install fitted furniture varies greatly depending on how large the project is. For more information about fitted furniture, and for estimations on how long installation may take, call Kelly’s Fitted Furniture now.

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